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Trusted authorities on the generations at work, the Generational Guru and her team of multi-generational generational experts are widely sought-after business speakers, commentators, human resources consultants, researchers, and business trainers. Learn how you can capitalize on our expertise and discover how you can utilize the generational lens to reveal human capital gaps and synergies within your organization and company.


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Buzz about Generational Guru Sherri Elliott-YearyWelcome to the GenerationalGuru.com -where we share insightful and proven techniques to leverage a better understanding of the generations into a more compatible, cohesive and productive workforce.


Our own programs incorporate exceptional information together with informed business methods brought to you with an entertaining and stimulating approach in order to help each member of our audiences understand and traverse the typical multi-generational divides. If you are determined to Entice, Preserve and Stimulate the four generations of workers, triumph over the rapidly impending battle for skills, expertise and talent or maybe appeal to numerous generations of clientele and consumers, then contact me today to discuss a program will meet your needs.


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The mix is a recipe for disaster–but the ultimate outcome depends on you. While generational differences have historically been the underlying cause of workplace strife, misunderstandings, and even law suits, skillful managers can learn how to orchestrate these differences to create harmony–a work environment that attracts top talent, minimizes turnover, and maximizes company morale.



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Author, HR Consultant, and Generational Speaker Sherri Elliott-Yeary has the Answers You Need


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We have observed a fundamental change in the economy and the labor market that supports it. Generational shifts, globalization, emerging communication technologies and rising economic uncertainty have changed the playing field and what's required of our workforce. Over the past 10 years I've created a consulting practice to prepare leaders and their workers for the new economy that consists of the four generations. This work solves the most costly and business critical issues facing leaders today:


  • Attraction and retention of top talent in the face of looming global talent shortages
  • Accountability, reliability and performance of younger workers
  • Ownership and commitment to corporate goals of midlevel talent
  • Leadership and "rain making" competencies of "next-in-line" managers
  • Transfer of leadership and knowledge from one generation to the next


Research firms can provide you with statistics and trends. The difference between our work and their reports is our ability to synthesize the data, apply it to your industry, culture and workforce, and create a strategy and implementation plan that is unique to your organizational needs. When I authored Ties to Tattoos – Turning Generational Differences into A Competitive Advantage in 2009 it was in response to what my clients and I witnessed occurring in the workplace. As a generational speaker I can help you turn those differences into YOUR advantage.


As the Generational Guru it is my passion to support organizations during generational shifts, globalization, emerging communication technologies and rising economic uncertainty that have changed the playing field and what is now required of our leaders. The workplace of today has not kept up. There has been much talk of the new normal in business but little practical insight on how to retool today's workforce to meet the challenges of the new economy. Strategy, culture change, organizational restructuring and an inventive approach to intergenerational talent management are required.


Over the course of an engagement,   I can drive significant change in your business and achieve the necessary competitive advantage for years to come. Specifically in these areas:


  • Recruitment and retention of top talent in the face of looming global talent shortages
  • Improved accountability, reliability and performance of younger workers
  • Increased ownership and commitment to corporate goals of midlevel managers
  • Developed leadership and "rain making" competencies among "next-in-line" talent
  • Successful leadership transitions to business perpetuation
  • Empowered communication and productivity across all generations


If you are experiencing any of these issues, please feel free to contact me for an introductory conversation. For information on my services and speaking topics click here.


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Ties to Tattoos: Turning Generational Differences into a Competitive Advantage explains the differences between each generation, identifies what makes each generation tick, and offers practical tips for bridging the communication gap and enhancing communication. In this book, Sherri also explains how tailoring various HR programs to leverage the benefits each generation brings to the table allows organizations to more effectively recruit, retain, and motivate all employees.


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Sherri is a sought-after speaker who has appeared at numerous conferences, company events, and television programs internationally. Audiences have characterized her presentations as both entertaining and substantial. Sherri speaks on all topics pertaining to human resources issues and generational differences. Click here to read about some of her more popular speech topics and to see a video presentation with snippets of her work.


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